Faith Baptist Church of Berkeley

Worshipping Regularly, Studying Seriously, Serving Eagerly,
     Giving Generously, Witnessing & Praying Faithfully

MARCH 17, 2019

Thought of the Week
"Don't judge a situation you've never been in."



18-22- Berean District Association CLS, 626 N. Newstead

22- 9AM, Berean District WMU, 3rd Quarterly Institute 

25- 7PM, Berean District YPD, 3rd Quarterly Institute, Compton Hill 

31- Pastor's Anniversary, 5th Sunday this year. Each auxiliary is asked for a donation of $100 and all disciples and friends are asked for a donation of $52. 

Additional Announcements/ SAVE THE DATES: 

~VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL- JUNE 8, 2019, BE A STEWARD 4 GOD! ~ Managing what belongs to God, Psalm 24:1
~2nd Annual WMU Prayer Breakfast to support the Foreign Mission Project(s) of the Berean District WMU. Our goal is: $1,000.00. we are asking each disciple of our church to donate $20.00 towards this effort. SATURDAY JUNE 29, 2019. 


Givelify ~ download Givelify APP to your Smartphone> Register your account> Sign-in>Select~ Faith Baptist Church 6019 Helen

Tap. Give. Done.


Reminder:  Should there be any changes in service due to inclement weather or schedules. We are enrolled with channel 2, 4 and 5 ~ Faith Baptist Church Berkeley. Conference Call 1 302 202 1102 and put in code 794061; we will be connected to the host (Pastor/Servant/Moderator Keith Pendilton).

The Pastor’s Aide Auxiliary is praying for the universe.  Continue to pray a special prayer for our Pastor every day. Never stop Praying- Please include church leaders, and the church at large.